Guy bought a Japanese-Chinese dictionary.

I wondered aimlessly to find something fun to do.

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John made believe that he passed the exam.

Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

This happened every winter.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you're not careful, you might have an accident.

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While there's life, there's hope.

Hold your fire.

Oh my God, Roxana talked to me today!

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It's easy to get into debt quickly with charge cards.

Never contradict your elders.

The policeman called our attention to the danger of pickpockets.

There were many technological advances at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

I try to save 10% of my wages each month.


Let's decide on the places we'll visit.

Wasn't Masanobu supposed to be here?

I'm reading a book.

He has a large truck.

I watched the car disappearing slowly around the corner.


I have her on the line.

I ought to have written the letter yesterday.

Does anyone know Pim's family name?

Do you think you could fall in love with me?

I'll call at your house tomorrow.

Two thirds of the employees of this company are engineers.

There are a lot of deer in Nara.


The boy became more eloquent.

We did that yesterday.

I just wanted to ask Benjamin something.

I heard that Isaac was gunned down.

If Graeme gives you any trouble, just call me.


I'm still waiting for my order.


The cat crept toward the bird.

Now the mountain is hidden by the clouds.

His daughter was endowed with beauty and grace.

I've already read that document.

It was my decision.

Christian has never said such a thing.

Eliminating the deficit will be a hard nut to crack.


Venkata works at a hospital near here.

I haven't had much time to see Japan.

Who does Ernst think he is anyway?

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There's where I don't agree with you.

Are you planning on helping Sidney?

Physics is my weak subject.

You may kiss me if you like.

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.

Dwayne has lots of time to do anything he wants.

Before you make the candy, make sure to temper the chocolate.

It's way too hot inside...

We've got to be careful.

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Dan gave Linda a knife to protect herself.

Please take this parcel to the post office.

What time do we have to check out?


I've lost my passport.

Rajiv said that you were going to Boston.

The old woman is a doctor.

I must find out who broke this.

My sister is a kunoichi.


OK, let's just do it.

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I remember my mother teaching me the alphabet.

You should make sure that you have enough money in your pocket to pay for the ticket.

Gerda, dear little Gerda, where have you been all this time, and where have I been?


She was my best friend.

Don't wait too long for me.

Emma is kneeling.


I wish I had seen the film.


This medicine doesn't have any harmful side effects.

"What time is it now?" "It's 10 o'clock."

What's your favorite spectator sport?

The earthquake was the greatest disaster the country had ever experienced.

You noticed that, didn't you?


There are too many adverts on youtube.

He served his master well.

I still have a few gallons left.

There's no way that'll fly.

Chill out now. Calm down.


In Japan, you never have to go too far to find a convenience store.

I don't want her to give up.

I begged her not to go.

There is an obvious distinction between the good and the best.

I'm willing to risk that.


This is better than nothing.

Ceres contains one-third of the mass found in the asteroid belt.

I thought I'd say hello to Stanly.

Is this how you handle all of your problems?

The plate slipped out of my hands.

He neither wrote nor telephoned.

Grace doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

Ugh, because of you, now I have to redo everything!

What's the big deal?!

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I'd like to know how to paint like that.

Trevor doesn't take Marcos seriously.

Tell Mayo that I'm busy.


I'd better return this.

Many things happen between the cup and the lip.

Srikanth and Tai were among the new arrivals.


This is so crazy.


The settlers are the most peaceful people in the world. They cross thousands of miles to occupy a land that doesn't belong to them and they never kill anyone if they're not a savage native.

I rewrote my report.

I love video games.

You don't need to know who told me.

I got the message just this morning.

The barn is empty.

She stretched the rope.

We broke up.

What do you think of going to a movie?

The zoo was closed on Christmas Day.

Germs are too tiny for our eyes to see.

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It is necessary that every member observe these rules.

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Beer's good.

Duane really has no other option.

Alexander thinks Krzysztof lacks common sense.

As soon as Clare closed the front door behind him, he realised that his house keys were on the bench inside his apartment.

Don't fail to call me as soon as you arrive there.

Luc seemed to be worried about Amos.

He started just now.

I can't join you.

There is no telling what he will do.

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I don't think I want to see what a fly considers paradise.

The godless woman must be punished.

Everyone in her class likes her.

I never had a chance, did I?

You should tell Charlie you're not feeling well.

It was a glass that he broke.

Has Stacy been drinking today?

The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener.

I needed that job.

There's one black cat sleeping on the yellow chair.

He was admitted to the club.


He always keeps his promises.

He drew invisible symbols in the air with his fingers.

We won't allow this to happen.

Mick had trouble getting his suitcase opened.

Nelken showed Varda into John's office.


Without oxygen, we would be unable to breathe.

Archie probably didn't even know about the meeting.

I saw a shadow move behind that tree!


I don't want that and I know you don't want that either.

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When he got to the station, the train had already left.

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I'm trying to figure out how Shamim did that.

I don't think Hirofumi was kidding about that.

That movie was amusing.


He walked in front of his men.

This phone is not working as it should.

She declined my invitation.

In hockey and soccer, goals are counted as points.

Do you have new shoes?

That's why I recommend him for the post.

We know why you did it.

Do you think Thad likes Lana?

Unfortunately, like other developed countries, America is graying.

Doesn't that remind you of anything?

She felled an oak.

Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets in the Solar System.

Frankly, I don't like that man.

It didn't taste good.

She wears heavy makeup.

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Gunter is folding his shirt.


A place for everything and everything in its place.


She just left.

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

I had my son water the lawn.